Carriers Everywhere

Bastian Bloessl


Trinity College Dublin (PGP)


I am fascinated by Software Defined Radios and am currently exploring the difference facets of the topic. Some at work and some during my free time. I also started looking into amateur radio and earned my CEPT 1 licensed, but have close to no practical experience yet.

Short Résumé

Period Occupation
2017 - now Researcher, Trinity College Dublin
2017 - now Engineer, Software Radio Systems (SRS)
2017 - now GNU Radio Core Developer
2014 - 2017 Research Assistant, Paderborn University
2015 - 2016 Visiting Researcher, University of California, Los Angeles
2011 - 2014 PhD Student, University of Innsbruck
2005 - 2011 Student (Computer Science), University of Würzburg

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