FutureSDR MobiCom Demo Accepted
FutureSDR WebAssembly Tutorial
FutureSDR Demo at 6G Platform Germany
Seify Talk @ SDRA 2023
Substitute Prof @ Uni Paderborn
MAKI Scientific Workshop
NetSys Tutorial on FutureSDR Accepted
Ulrich Rohde Award
FutureSDR Released!
ACM WiSec 2021 Tutorial
New Project and Open Position
FOSDEM Talk on GNU Radio Runtime
FutureSDR 2
FutureSDR 1
Best Paper Award at ACM WiNTECH
Instant GNU Radio Update
GNU Radio on Android
GNU Radio Performance 2/X
GNU Radio Performance 1/X
Osmosdr and Fosphor with GNU Radio 3.8
OOT Module Updates for GNU Radio 3.8
ns-3 PHY Model Bug
Low-Cost ZigBee Selective Jamming
iCEstick SPI Flash Reader
Pitfalls in VANET Simulations
TPC Member of IEEE MASS 2019
CROWNCOM Workshop on Open Radio Platforms
IEEE WCNEE 2019 TPC Member
TPC Member VTC2019-Spring
Talk at CrownCom
Talk at UCC
Dr. Basti
SDR for Pentesters
TPC Member of Wireless Days 2019
PhD Defense
Scapy meets GNU Radio WLAN Transceiver
TPC Member IEEE VNC 2018
CrownCom Workshop on Open Radio Platforms
OpenC2X @ Hackday Uncon
Talks in Paris and Lyon
Talk at Testbed Community Meeting
TPC Member VTC2018-Fall
Instant GNU Radio
mSync TMC Paper Accepted
ITC30 Poster TPC Member
IEEE GreenCom 2018 TPC Member
IEEE VNC in Torino
Guest Lecture @ Uni Paderborn
WEBee Paper
VNC Paper Accepted
Café Curie
TMC Paper Accepted
WiFi Soundscape
Making Bread
Fun with Fosphor
GNU Radio Workshop
Joining SRS
Moving to Ireland
GNU Radio Thread/Threat Creation
Marie Curie Post-Doc Fellowship
Mobile World Congress
Technical Solutions to Social Problems
Joining GNU Radio
EDGE Fellowship Reviews
Baofeng for Digital Modes
Jamming WiFi
Bling Bling VLC
Experiences as a Publication Chair
Visiting the Federal Office for Information Security
GNU Radio CMake Dependency Tracking
FOSDEM Talk Accepted
Spacemacs for GNU Radio
Rearranging the WiFi Spectrum with DFS
Traffic Lights 2.0
PC Locking with Car Key Fob
GNU Radio and QWT vs. Homebrew
Switching to QT
Key Fob Upates
Sneak Peek 01
New Wime Website is Online
Paper on IEEE 802.11p Channel Estimation
Paper on the Security of Wireless Car Key Fobs
Chapter Quotes in My Thesis
CarSys'16 Paper Accepted
Ups and Downs in Academia
Plagiarism 2.0
GQRX for Digital Signals
GRC Updates with VIM
GNU Radio WiFi Updates
Not in Love with the GNU Radio Scheduler (Part 2)
Blogging with Gulp
GNU Radio Frame Generation for Simulations
Not in Love with the GNU Radio Scheduler (Part 1)
Gulasch Programmier Nacht (GPN) 2016
VNC Publication Co-Chair
Constellation Objects in OOT Modules
SDRA 2016 Talk Accepted
GNU Radio Fading Updates
SDRA 2015 Recordings Online
GNU Radio Development
Rayleigh Fading in GNU Radio
Testing GNU Radio's Rayleigh Fading Model
Best of RTL-SDR 2015
GNU Radio Involvement 2015
Tracking Down a Nasty Bug
Publication-Quality Plots with Matplotlib
WiFi Reactive Near Field Measurements
GNU Radio Performance Measurements
GNU Radio WiFi Virtual Machine
GNU Radio Simulation Tips
Where the Internet was Born
Plagiarism of Three of my Papers
WiFi Frame Detection Sensitivity
WiFi Simulation Framework
Spectrum Scanning with WiFi Cards
First days at UCLA
Reversing Mobile Traffic Lights
Reversing Bus Telemetry
RDS Code in GQRX
BATS Project Review
BATS Covered in Sueddeutsche
DAAD Scholarship
MobiHoc 2016 Website
Decoding Car Key Fobs
Cohda Wireless MK5
IEEE ICC'15 in London
SRIF Poster Accepted
Antennas Everywhere
VNC 2015 TPC Member
GNU Radio WiFi Updates
Reverse Engineering Talk Accepted
Fingerprinting Paper @ ICNC'15
Fun with RDS TMC
Zynq Boot Process
Decoding POCSAG with GQRX and Multimon
IEEE 802.15.4 Encoding