Edge Fellowship

So it really happened; I moved to Ireland. To be honest, I didn’t think much before I actually went there. It was more like: what can possibly go wrong.

My plan was to throw everything in my car and just go there by ferry. That worked out pretty good and also the trip on the ferry was a cool experience.

I didn’t have a flat when I went there but had to spent the first days in a hostel. As it turns out, the housing market in Dublin is plain crazy. I took me about two weeks to find something that I could afford and that was not totally run-down. Now I pay absurd amounts for a tiny studio.

Unfortunately, my car, with all my stuff in it, was broken and everything that had some value was stolen. My mountain bike, my PC, my cloth, etc… all gone.

Now my possessions align pretty well with the space in my flat :-/

Some first impressions from around Dublin.

Christ Church Cathetral (left) and Trinity College Dublin (right).

Howth, a small fisher village at the cost north of Dublin.

The cliff walk between Bray and Graystone is beautiful.