On September 21, I headed to Los Angeles to work as research scholar at Mario Gerla’s group at UCLA. After searching for a flat and stuff I finally made it to the campus and got my desk in the lab.

The campus is really beautiful and alive with all the students hanging around.

I thought, I should write down some stuff that I found remarkable before they become normal. So here are some random things

  • The campus feels like a small city.

  • There’s no canteen but a food courts with snack bars where they sell pizza, pretzels, salad, and chines food, etc. Update: looks like there is als a canteen somewhere.

  • On the main walkway through the campus, there are a lot of students advertising things; mainly student fraternities. (I wonder why they are so popular here.)

  • There are stores like hairdressers on the campus.

  • A lot of students wear UCLA shirts and have all kinds of UCLA-branded stuff.

  • They have a daily newspaper–yes, daily.

  • It’s not allowed to smoke (on the whole campus).

  • There’s a UCLA store, which is like a huge fan store. They sell UCLA underpants, UCLA teddys, UCLA everything.

Searching for my advisors office I came across Leonard Kleinrock’s office :-) From what I’ve heard he’s still at the campus from time to time.