Paper / IEEE 802.11p / GNU Radio

Today, I was very happy to read On prototyping IEEE802.11p Channel Estimators in Real-World Environments Using GNURadio by Razvan-Andrei Stoica, Stefano Severi, and Giuseppe Thadeu Freitas de Abreu, presented at 2016 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV).

The paper extends my GNU Radio WiFi transceiver with another state-of-the-art channel estimation algorithm, designed specifically for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks. I’m particularly happy, since I always hoped to motivate exactly this kind of papers by releasing the software under an Open Source license.

Apart from the algorithm itself, the authors also implemented well-established channel models for vehicular networks.

I already dropped them an email and hope I can motivate them to contribute their code. It would be really great to have it in the module.