SDR / GNU Radio

I just ported my GNU Radio out-of-tree modules to GNU Radio 3.8 and adopted the new proposed development scheme. That means:

  • Legacy GNU Radio 3.7 support is provided through the maint-3.7 branch.
  • GNU Radio 3.8 support is provided through the maint-3.8 branch.
  • Future API-breaking changes towards GNU Radio 3.9 will be in the master branch. For now, master and maint-3.8 are similar.

The modules need some testing. So feel free to try them (and complain :-)):

If you are also planning to port modules to GNU Radio 3.8, make sure to checkout the guide in the wiki. Overall, the process is rather straightforward. I used gr_modtool to create a module with a similar name and merged the build-related boilerplate code into my actual module.

Finally, some screenshots of the new flow graphs. (I still have to get used to these bezier connections…)