Wireless / SDR

Recently, I visited the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Knowing only academic conferences, it was very interesting to attend an industry exhibition.

MWC was huge. Much bigger than I expected. In December I visited 33c3 and thought that this was already incredibly big with about 13k visitors. MWC had about 108k.

I found it most interesting to see what industry is currently up to. And compare it to what academia is currently up to. I know it shouldn’t be compared. The self-perception of most academics might be that they are working on stuff that will be at MWC 2020. Still interesting to see the different trends.

With regard to my dissertation topic (Vehciular Ad Hoc Networks), for example, I had the impression that academia is going for IEEE 802.11p, while industry seems to be all in on LTE for V2X.

Some Impressions

There were quire some booths with SDR demos. This is just some random IoT stuff.

While there was lots of interest in Nokia’s overhauled 3310 (left), I found the coffee kitchen of the Irish booth more interesting (right).

Ubuntu thinks we should just software-define everything (left). We had some good food at SRS‘s coworking space in Barcelona (right).

I was sharing the flat with some SRS guys. Was quite nerdy :-)