I’m very happy that my talk GQRX as a Graphical Frontend for Digital Receivers got accepted for the Software Defined Radio Academy, a workshop co-located with the HAMRADIO exhibition in Friedrichshafen.

The abstract goes like:

Developed by OZ9AEC, GQRX is a SDR with a graphical user interface that is very intuitive for radio amateurs. The waterfall plot, together with demodulators for FM, AM, and SSB, makes it a great tool for analog modes. GQRX is, however, not limited to analog transmissions, but is an excellent tool for digital modes too. Much like a conventional radio, it doesn’t aim to implement all digital modes internally, but provides means to export signals to audio files or stream them through network sockets. In this talk, we will show how this functionality allows to connect GQRX to other software, using it as a graphical frontend for various digital receivers. In particular, we will use a bit of format conversion to connect GQRX to multimon, custom GNU Radio receivers, and inspectrum, a new tool for offline signal analysis. Using the GUI of GQRX has the advantage that common functionality to find, filter, and demodulate a signal does not have to be reimplemented, allowing for rapid development of new receivers. Furthermore, the possibility to switch between storing and streaming data allows to develop offline receivers and later switch to live data seamlessly. I hope this talk gives some new ideas on how to get the most out of GQRX and how to combine it with other tools to ease receiver development.

This year’s program is again very interesting. Looking forward to Marcus Mueller’s introductory talk and Mike Walter’s talk about inspectrum, a new tool for offline signal analysis.

See you in Friedrichshafen.