GNU Radio / VIM

Today, I noticed that with recent GNU Radio Companion updates, all my OOT modules are listed under the unmaintained-crap category.

If you hover over the top-level category, the tooltip says something like please contact the maintainers of these modules.

I couldn’t find any announcement or documentation, but I think the idea is to change the XML files that describe the blocks from something like




I just did that for all my blocks and really wonder what happens to people who use an older version of GNU Radio…


So far for the bad experience. Thanks to VIM, I could, at least, make the changes rather quickly.

First, I increased the maximum number of open tabs from its default value of 10 to 100.

set tabpagemax=100

Then, I opened all xml files in tabs

vim -p grc/*.xml

and added the square brackets to all open files

:tabdo %s/<category>\(.*\)<\/category>/<category>[\1]<\/category>/g

To store and close all tabs, just do


Awesome! :-)